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BISAN offers a multitude of products ranging several industries. The list below is for both the Canadian and International market unless otherwise specified.
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Engineered Systems

  • Sludge Treatment: Poly-Mod™ Dry & Liquid Preparation Systems
  • sure’n safe® Chemical Feed System
  • sure’n safe® Chlorine Dioxide Generator
  • On-Site Hypo Chlorination Generator
  • Custom made fabricated PVC / PVDF / FRP / Steel / SS skid systems
  • Fuel Delivery & metering skids


Air Treatment

Engineered Air treatment systems & Accessories:

  • Activated carbon
  • Chemical scrubbers
  • Bio-Filter systems & media
  • Bio-Trickling systems & media
  • Dampers and flow control
  • Mist and particle eliminators
(International Only)

VORTEX Energy dissipation, odour & flood control inserts:

  • Vortex Force™ Aerator for Sewer Odour & Corrosion Control
  • Vortex Flow™ Insert for Odour and Corrosion Control
  • Tempest® Inlet Control Devices


Chemical Pumps & Accessories

Diaphragm / Stepper Chemical Dosing Pumps
Chemical Tanks & Totes
Peristaltic Pumps
Hose Pumps
Precision Gear Metering Pumps
Corp Stops, Quills, Sampling Probes, PRV, BPV, calibration columns, pulsation dampeners, etc…
Spill Containment & Alarm Systems
Standard & custom engineered emergency showers and eyewash units
Sodium Hypochlorite generator to meet on-shore generation needs with high capacity, high efficiency, and high value
Chlorine cylinder & ton container scales / Liquid drum & tote scales / Lifting Beams, Trunnions, drum straps, & wrenches


Valves & Penstocks

Constant flow control valve
  • Ball valves Industrial API 6D / UL and FM
  • Cryogenic and Low Temp Valves
  • WOG Ball valves
Thermoplastic sluice gates, penstocks, flap valves & Stop Logs
Check Valves: Dual Plate / Ball / Nozzle / Retain-less wafer / Rubber lined / FOOT / AXIAL / High Pressure dual plate and nozzle
Solenoid Valves (Brass/SS) for water and fuel services
(Canada Only)
Plastic Valves

Actuators & Valve Services:

Damper & valve on/off and modulation electric actuators (includes hazardous class)


Mixers & Mixing Systems

Diffused Mixing Systems
Static Mixers
Submersible Mixers
Manual & Electric Mixers


Instruments & Controls

Water Quality & Field Instrument Water Pulse Meters
Venturi Meters & Flow Conditioners
Gas Monitors & Detection
  • Flow Measurement (EMF / PD) Data loggers
  • Energy / BTU meters
Tank management systems (Fuel, water, chemicals)


Recycling & Waste Management

(International Only)
Grinders & comminutor with a unique “Kwik-Lift Removal System”, “Toilet Seat” and “Trash Basket” concepts
  • Drum crushers and washers
  • Drum disposal & recycling
  • Drum cleaning
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Extraction systems
  • Customized drum & container cleaning & disposal systems