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Engineered Systems

BISAN has the engineering capabilities to address various special designs and fabrications. We have designed and supplied various systems and skids to address a variety of engineering disciplines such as:

  • Pump & Chemical Feed Skids
  • Fuel Delivery Skids
  • Fuel Metering Skids
  • Steel & plastic spools (ASME certified & CRN available on request)
  • Instrumentation Skids
  • Mixing systems
  • Packaged water treatment DAF, SAF, etc…
  • On-Site Hypo Chlorination Generator, Chlorine Dioxide Generator, & Ozone systems
sure'n safe® Chemical Feed System render
PolyMod System render

We also offer our clients various support services including CFD, FEA, 2D & 3D drawings, and many others.

Building on our wealth of knowledge and market experience, BISAN has provided various solutions to multiple clients in areas such as (to name a few):

  1. Wash water reduction in crude de-salters
  2. Reduction of carbon footprints in air treatment and sewage treatment systems
  3. Reduction of chemical consumptions such as polymer & chlorine injection

BISAN is a manufacturer of air treatment as well as dry & wet chemical feed systems featuring a modular design that offers client flexibility of expansion and addition, and allows for maximum footprint savings.

If you’re interested in taking a look at our products sheet, you can visit our Products page here.

sure’n safe® Chemical Feed System

BISAN launched the sure’n safe® chemical feed system to offer our clients one of the safest and most accurate dosing systems in the market. The unit offers full containment and protection from chemical spells. The SnS system is a flexible fabrication that offers the operators and engineers the flexibility to upgrade from standard controls to high PLC based control. The PLC control offers complete autonomy of remote connectivity with a state of the art programming.

The system consists of:

  • sure’n safe® Enclosure
  • sure’n safe® Chemical Dosing System
  • sure’n safe® Control Panel
  • Skid-Mounted On-Site Hypo Chlorination Generator (in cooperation with Electrichlor)

You can check out the sure’n safe® Brochure here (PDF).

sure'n safe® Chemical Feed System

sure'n safe® Chemical Feed System on-site 1

sure'n safe® Chemical Feed System on-site 2

sure'n safe® Chemical Feed System on-site 3

Poly-Mod™ Dry/Emulsion Chemicals Preparation System

BISAN launched its Poly-Mod™ system as a modular dry and wet polymer feed system designed for the utmost flexibility. The modularity of the system allows for
controlled and reduced installation foot print. Poly-Mod™ offers flexibility in both operation and control. Systems come with simple tank to multiple tank
arrangements, combined with in-house designed control systems that vary between simple controls to PLC based control systems. This system is proudly made in Canada at our facilities.

In partnership with Dynamix Agitators, the Poly-Mod™ system will feature their specialized, motorized, or air-driven tote mixers, pictured on the right.

Poly-Mod™ Dry/Emulsion Chemicals Preparation Systems

Fuel Delivery System

Petroleum Equipment Institute logo

BISAN specializes in the design, fabrication, and assembly of duty and stand-by diesel fuel delivery systems. Our diversified expertise continues to grow. Our installations include airport fuel support systems, critical data centers,
power generation systems, marina fuel dispensing systems, and fuel loading and unloading metering skids etc…

Our fuel systems are designed to minimize site work by providing complete skid mounted packages. These skids are designed to site conditions pre-piped, wired, and tested prior to shipping. We offer state-of-the-art control systems that
offer complete connectivity and flexibility to the end user. All control systems are designed in-house which offers us complete control over quality and production.

Fuel Delivery Systems

Control System

BISAN offers complete control systems to address various requirements. We offer standard and PLC based controls. Control systems are designed in-house thus allowing us to control quality, production, and testing. BISAN provides field
services with experienced staff that are able to address on-site modifications and adjustments.

Control Systems

Mixing & Aeration System

BISAN offers complete tank and pond mixing/aeration systems, such as:

  • Surface aerators
  • Submersible mixers
  • Diffused Mixing Systems
  • Mechanical shaft mixers
  • Accessories such as diffusers, air compressors, control systems, etc…

CAPEX / OPEX efficiencies is paramount when we address or design mixing systems. We have successfully installed various mixers and mixing systems that provide reduction in chemical consumption, wash water, moving parts, etc…

Mixing & Aeration Systems

Air Treatment System

BISAN offers a variety of air purification methods designed to address a variety of municipal and industrial emissions. We offer one of the best application engineering available to us to provide robust, high quality, and well tested
equipment through our own testing combined with years of installations and field feedback of equipment installations.

Some of the systems include:

  • Natural Vortex System
  • Dry Carbon System
  • Thermal Regeneration System
  • Bio-trickling System

For a complete list, as well as more information and examples of our Air Treatment Systems, check out our brochure here.

Air Treatment Systems

Special Fabrication

BISAN offers a number of specially fabricated systems made to the client’s request, such as:

UV Package System, including: Mixing Spools, including:
  • UV modules
  • Wall panels/skids
  • In/out piping headers
  • C/W isolation valves
  • Static Mixers
  • In/out piping
  • Dosing nozzles
  • Quills

Special Fabrication