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Engineering, Custom Design & Fabrication

With over 30 years of diversified design application engineering, we work closely with both end users and engineering offices to provide valid and cost effective solutions to various requirements and insure that the equipment and/or systems selected will meet its intended purpose and service life.

Our engineers are always ready to assist our clients in providing complete pre-engineered solutions and packages to meet a variety of needs and applications. Our diversified experience extends from W&WWT to petroleum and gas industries and chemical industries. We have supplied skid mounted systems such as:

  • Packaged water and wastewater treatment systems and skids
  • Packaged valve skids
  • Packaged fuel loading & unloading skids
  • Packaged filtration systems (self-cleaning filters, centrifugal separators)
  • Packaged liquid and gas injection systems
  • Packaged air treatment systems
  • Packaged air monitoring systems
  • Packaged pumps and lift stations
  • Packaged weighing systems and industrial scales
  • Packaged batching systems
Engineered Chlorination system at Wadi Main, JordanChlorination system @ Wadi Main, Jordan
Engineered Special FlangesSpecial Flanges for Wadi Main, Jordan
chlorination_system_alexandria_wtpChlorination Systems @ Alexandria WTP, Egypt
Engineered Surge System at Wadi Main, JordanSurge System @ Wadi Main, Jordan
Engineered Surge System for IraqSurge System for Iraq
Engineered SurgeSurge System for Zaatary PS, Jordan