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ISOMAG FLOWIZ Next, The water dominator

Isoil Industria is a worldwide leading supplier of electromagnetic flow-meters.

On the market since 1958, Isoil has been concentrating their effort and expertise for the last few years across the complete water cycle. Providing solutions for the flow measurement, Isoil Industria has been able to understand the needs of the water market and offer solutions able to understand and follow the most specific requests.

Mid 2011, Isoil presented the evolution of its battery powered electromagnetic flow-meter, the Flowiz™ Next. Defined as the ‘Water dominator’, this meter represents the result of 5 years of evolution, as consequence of a continuous feedback from the field in every part of the world.

Water companies basically need data. These data must be complete, precise and in consistent quantity.

Flowiz™ Next provides the answer being an integrated solution containing all elements required for an accurate and complete measure in one single housing: 6 internal batteries able to guarantee the operations also without mains power supply; high capacity data logger to collect data for more than 10 years with no risk of loosing them; one or two pressure inputs, one temperature input ; a graphical display for a complete and immediate visualization; and most of all the GPRS wireless transmission technology using an internal modem and a simple SIM card.
A complete set of flow, volumes, pressure and temperature data from the field stored inside a logger with time references and sent by e-mails with excel attachments. This is the ultimate solution for managing data from a water network.

This universal technology, based on standard protocols and software such as GPRS and Excel, makes the solution available all over the world and compatible with all existing systems and is now complemented by ISOD@M, a powerful Data Acquisition and Management software for complete monitor and analysis of flow meters net and water loss control.

The reliability of this meter is proved by existing working installations in the most remote areas of the planet, from North Europe to the equatorial areas of Africa and South America