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The Superior Mixer for a Gas Pipeline in Germany

The Superior Mixer for a Gas Pipeline in Germany

Westfall Manufacturing recently won a contract for a 48” diameter Model 3050 Mixer for GASSCO in Germany.
The purpose of the mixer was to thoroughly mix gas coming from two different North Sea pipelines having varying densities, compositions, temperatures and flow rates.
The reasons given for selecting the Westfall mixer included more professional calculation (CFD, FEA) support by Westfall, better calculated mechanical performance, superior documentation work by Westfall, and improved delivery time.

The Durability Requirement
Stress Extrapolation Paths predicted mixer’s performance and longevity.The customer asked Westfall to conduct further computational fluid dynamics studies and structural integrity / stress analysis computer simulations.
As Westfall routinely has its mixers and prototypes tested in this way at Alden Research Laboratory, this was a normal procedure for Westfall.
The client also conducted their own independent testing. The tests confirmed that the Westfall 3050 Mixer would perform as required and would last at least 30 years, meeting the durability requirement.

Westfall 3050 Mixer is installed and Performing to Customer’s Specification. Westfall’s low headloss 3050 mixer is now in place in the pipeline. Westfall stands ready to work in creative ways with our customers to meet their needs in the most efficient way possible.

Westfall April 26 , 2016 Circular